Top Tips for Pennywell Season Ticket Holders

Family Group at Pennywell Farm

With unlimited visits from the beginning of February Half Term to the end of October Half Term, a Pennywell season ticket is great value.

We want you to get the very best from every visit you make to Pennywell Farm and encourage you to make use your season ticket treats. Take a look at our our top tips for getting the most from your Pennywell Farm Season Ticket.

Check out your welcome pack

Season ticket, pennywell farm, devon, tourist attraction

Welcome Pack

The information in there is to make your Pennywell experience even better. There’s 50% off at some of Devon’s best attractions, a cinema treat for the children and a different treat for you every month. Don’t let it go to waste.

Make use of quiet times

Angorra Goats, Pennywell Farm, Devon Tourist Attraction

Feeding the animals on quiet days

Weekdays during term times, early mornings and late afternoons tend to be the quietest times to visit Pennywell. If you want to make the most of the activities and having some quiet time in the pets area, visit when most people are too busy.

Don’t forget the activities

Activities at Pennywell Farm, Devon Tourist Attraction

Activities at Pennywell Farm

If you are just popping in for a couple of hours here and there and the little ones are happy to bounce on the trampoline and go home, that’s really great. You are missing out on so much though so even if you only get to do one activity each visit, it’s so worth it. 

Go fishing and dipping

Pennywell Ponds

Dipping into the Pennywell Ponds

The fishponds are tucked away and offer a tranquil escape from it all. Bring along your rods, enjoy the scenery and you might even catch a tiddler. The wildlife ponds are fantastic and so many visitors miss them altogether. Go into the shed, grab a net and discover what lives in the ponds. Children absolutely love it! There are also some pretty amazing dragon and damselflies to see at certain times of the year as well.

Pop in

Duckling and Piglet, Pennywell Farm, Devon Tourist Attraction

Pop in for a catch up with friends

Just because you can! You don’t have to spend a day or even a half day when you have unlimited visits. Pop in for a coffee and watch the little ones play. Catch up with other season ticket holders and enjoy a chat.

You don’t have to bring the kids

Pennywell, go carts, Devon tourist attraction

Big kids enjoying Pennywell

You’ll have a very different experience here without them so if you find yourself with a rare few hours as just you, come and cuddle some piglets, blast around on the red rocket, try out the Go Carts or just bring a picnic, enjoy the views and chill out

Be informed

Peppa Pig at Pennywell Farm

Peppa Pig at Pennywell Farm

We are always adding events, animals and special days on the farm so keep an eye on our website and Social Media. Even if you visit regularly, there could well be things that you miss. Never be afraid to ask if there’s anything new happening or new animals born when you arrive at the farm. sign up for our newsletter via the website too! 

Watch Pig Racing!

Pig racing, Pennywell Farm, Devon Tourist Attraction

Pig Racing

You may think you’ve seen it and done it but every race is completely different and even the team who see it every day, still have to smile. Watch how much enjoyment the visitors experiencing it for the first time have as well. Their enthusiasm becomes contagious.

Get to know the team

Pennywell, Devon Tourist Attraction

The Pennywell Team

We’re a nice bunch and it’s great for us to get to know our season ticket holders and to hear your valuable feedback.

Take in the views

Pennywell Farm, South Hams, Devon Tourist Attraction

View of the Dart Valley from Pennywell

Pennywell is certainly blessed with some of the best views in Devon and it’s easy to take them for granted when you see them on a regular basis. Just take 5 minutes out of your next visit to really look and appreciate them. It never fails to lift the spirits.

Pop in after school

Noah's Barn

kids can burn off some energy in Noah’s Barn

During term time the farm becomes quiet after 3pm. After school is the perfect time for a quick visit and you can let the children burn off any excess energy before you take them home. They’ll sleep better as well!

Enjoy the whole season

Pennywell Farm, Devon tourist Attraction

Fun at Pennywell Farm

Join early and enjoy the whole season from opening day at the beginning of February Half Term to closing day at the end of October Half Term. Tickets for the following year are available from October Half Term and are a great idea for Christmas presents.

We have an entertainer every Saturday and Sunday throughout the whole season and every day during the Devon school holidays. You won’t want to miss a single thing!


This story appeared on July 2, 2019

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