8 Best Instagramable Spots at Pennywell Farm

Piggies at Pennywell Farm, Devon Tourist Attraction

Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, we all love to share images of what we are doing and where we’ve been to our Social Media.

If you want to look like a pro with minimum effort, take a look at these amazing backdrops, all available at @PennywellFarm for a great selfie.

1. The Fishponds


Pennywell Fishponds

A part of the farm that many visitors miss completely but if you want to escape the people and the activity, you won’t find anywhere better. Down below the Run Rabbit Go Carts you will find this beautiful tranquil area which is perfect for picnics or for your little ones to bring their fishing rods and catch a tiddler.

2. The Old Grey Tractor


View from the tractor

Situated in front of the deer field, the backdrop for this tractor shot has arguably some of the best views in Devon.

Overlooking the Dart Valley with views out to Hamledown Ridge on Dartmoor, you might even be lucky enough to catch a picture of one of the deer at the same time.

3. The Pig Racing Track

Pig Racing Sign

Bacons Brook

One image just doesn’t do justice to this stunning view which stretches to Torbay on a clear day.

Racing track

Pig racing track

The whole track is in beautiful surroundings and the views can also be captured from the Red Rocket Ride – if you’re quick enough.

4. The Farmyard Cut Out

Cut out board

Farmyard Fun

We’ve all got a picture like this one somewhere. Loved by kids and adults alike and a great way to remember all the fun of the farm.

5. The Giant Deckchair

Giant deckchair

Giant Deckchair

Being 600 feet above sea level means that pretty well any picture taken on the farm has a pretty good view, however this is one of our favourites. Climb into the over-sized chair with beautiful Devonshire rolling hills in the background. A really unique shot.

6. Piggy cuddles

Piggy cuddles

Piggy cuddles

No visit to Pennywell would be complete without a piggy cuddles shot and our background boards are perfect to capture your special moment #piggycuddles

7. Top of the Tower

top of tower

Views from the tower

With 360 degree views over the Dart Valley, Dartmoor and Torbay, you can also look across of the whole of the farm to see what’s happening. With perfectly framed viewing points, it’s a great spot for a selfie.

8. The one you can’t plan

Pony and cockerel

Farmyard friends

With a farmyard full of animals, one thing you can always expect, is the unexpected. Keep your eyes open and we promise you will find plenty of unique and inspirational opportunities for the perfect picture.


This story appeared on June 15, 2019

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