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The World Famous Pennywell Miniature Pigs

The Pennywell Miniature Pigs have been specially bred here on the farm to be small and friendly. Each pig is totally unique with it's own colour, markings and personality. 
Visitor having piggy cuddles
They have been referred to in the media as micro pigs, mini pigs and pygmy pigs. After one particular picture taken by Richard Austin was picked up by a national newspaper they have even been referred to as tea cup pigs. Breeding started here back in 1992 and the average piglet weighs just 250grams (8oz) at birth. 
We always have our miniature pigs here for cuddles and very often have tiny piglets. If you are traveling a long distance especially to see piglets, it might be worth giving us a call before hand just to make sure we have some. 
Piggy cuddles is one of our daily activities and there are always miniature pigs to meet on the farm. Miniature pig racing takes place every day!

Buying a Miniature Pig

Before enquiring about buying a Pennywell Miniature Pig, you need to have visited the farm to see the adults and to make sure that a pig is the right pet for you. All the information about buying Pennywell Miniature pigs as pets can be found HERE 




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