The Pennywell Miniature Pig Story

Did you know that the piggies at the farm are actually our very own breed?!

Shortly after Pennywell opened it’s doors in 1989 it became clear that pigs were exceedingly popular with visitors.

The problem was that traditional breeds are very large, grow up quickly and don’t tend to be particularly friendly.

In 1992, Chris Murray, the founder of the farm set out to create a small, slow-growing, friendly pig.

He began with a beautiful collection of traditional Old English Pig breeds and set out to reverse all that farmers did to create the most economic commercial pig.

With careful breeding and selecting for attitude, aptitude, colour, conformation, temperament and size, the Pennywell Miniature Pig was born.

Known internationally as the Pennywell Miniature, their story quickly spread when a photo of them in a teacup hit the worldwide press!

Next followed the television appearances on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, CNN, Good Morning America and these cute little piggies quickly rose to fame.

30 years later our Pennywell Miniature Pigs are a massive hit with visitors at the farm.

Their sweet-natured temperament means they love having cuddles!

Their intelligence and character makes them a well-loved breed.

Many visitors travel from far and wide to meet, greet and cuddle our piggies, and even watch them race!

To see the joy these beautiful animals bring is something truly special.

What happens to the Piggies when they grow up?

Some stay at Pennywell, but many go to new homes as pets … that’s right, people have Pigs as Pets!

Below are some photos of some of the wonderful things that the Pennywell Piggies get up to when they leave the farm – ‘A picture paints a thousand words!’

From snoozing, to playing, learning tricks to going on walks, these lovely pets are the very best companions.

The Pennywell Miniatures have even been known to provide therapy with amazing results!

One of our favourite comments was, “Piggy cuddles, the therapy I didn’t know I needed”.

What do our Pennywell Piggy Parents think?

“I have 3 Pennywell Piglets! Their names are George, Mildred and Truffles. I did a lot of reasearch and Pennywell pigs are socialised from birth with the public, and they have a gentle way with them ,aking them perfect for pets and to be around children! They are very special piggies – intelligent, kind, loyal, and you definitely have to have a good sense of humour to own one”
– Pennywell Piggy Parent –

“We got some piggies from Pennywell (Rocket and Harry) and we just adore them. Today they have toddled about in the garden while I’ve been watching from my office and they have even come in to visit me a couple of times! I think I have just about mastered all the different grunts and squeaks! They are just the sweetest baby boys!!”
– Pennywell Piggy Parent –

“Rocky is doing really well, she is very attached to our dog and she is turning into a Little Madam. She knows where the straberries are kept and screams when anyone goes near them. Rocky also lets us know when it is 9:30pm as she has some warm milk and then goes to bed, so clever! She is now fully toilet trained and definitely the princess in the house, everyone has fallen in love with her!”
– Pennywell Piggy Parent –

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This story appeared on September 17, 2022

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