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Piggy Pilates at Pennywell Farm

Piggy Pilates

With Goat Yoga having made its way across the pond several years ago, exercising with animals has become a bit of a thing.  Not to be left behind, Pennywell is launching Piggy Pilates to the world. Combining the best of a stunning farm location, animals and exercise the classes are already attracting a lot of Read More…

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10 Pennywell Miniature Pig Moments

Resting piglets

Pictures of the Pennywell Miniature Pigs never fail to bring a smile. We’ve had some great moments and the world famous porkers even have their own calendar. We’ve put together some of our favourite images for you to enjoy. 1. A tender moment Taken on a leaflet photo shoot, the photographer was chatting, giving both Read More…

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