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Pennywell Ponies Retirement

After 28 years of pony rides at Pennywell, we have taken the decision to retire our remaining ponies. Some have been here for many years and we think they are at an age where they deserve a good rest.

We have been unable to find suitable replacements that would not only be safe for our visitors but that would be content to walk around a circuit all day. As a result we can no longer offer pony rides at Pennywell Farm.

The good news is that we will keep our miniature pony centre and our ponies and donkeys so that they can still be enjoyed by our visitors.

We have also added pony pampering to our list of activities for our visitors and to add some enrichment to the ponies lives.


This story appeared on March 21, 2018

2 thoughts on “Pennywell Ponies Retirement

  1. AvatarKaren

    Could you let us know the ponies names?
    Our daughter is 25 years old now but still talks about the ponies at Pennywell Farm. We have been trying to remember the name of her favourite but haven’t been able to recall the name. She used to like to ride one of the smallest miniature ponies.
    Thank you


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