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Pennywell Farm is closed

. . . but the good news is that we will be back on Saturday 23 November when Father Christmas will be arriving, Pennywell style for the start of our Nativity Plays.

Christmas at Pennywell

Christmas at Pennywell

The team will spend the next few weeks transforming the farm into a winter wonderland and the animals will taking a well-earned break before they begin their Nativity rehearsals.

Christmas at Pennywell is already booking fast so make sure you book your tickets nice and early to avoid missing out on the date of your choice.

With Christmas in mind, we have put together an exciting range of gift and experience ideas that make the perfect Christmas present for just about everybody.

Gifts and experiences

Gifts and experiences

We’ve enjoyed a fabulous 2019 season with amazing visitors and a few new animal and human faces.

Pennywell welcomed a new Operations Manager, Ben Hayden at the beginning of August. Ben started at Pennywell’s busiest time of year so hit the ground running but is enjoying his new role and getting to know the visitors.

As for the animal team, we were delighted to acquire a family of friendly miniature donkeys that we travelled all the way to France to collect. They have their own paddock which visitors can wander into and enjoy cuddles with these adorable and very sociable donkeys. Their English is coming along beautifully!

Miniature donkeys enjoying an ice cream

We also took in some newly retired heavy horses in the shape of best friends, Duke and Duchess. After years of working as cart horses and making sure that hundreds of brides made it to the church on time, the pair are enjoying a gentler pace of life at Pennywell. They certainly look impressive in the farmyard.

Duke and Duchess

Duke and Duchess

Some exciting news is that the BBC will presenting Songs of Praise from Pennywell Farm at one of our Nativity Plays. The show will go out on Sunday 15 December and we’re very excited!

If you want any information on Christmas, season tickets, group visits or anything else while the farm is closed you can still get in touch. The office is manned from 9.30am to 3pm Monday to Friday if you want to give us a call on 01364 642023 of drop us an email: [email protected]

Christmas piglets

This story appeared on November 1, 2019

4 thoughts on “Pennywell Farm is closed

  1. AvatarBerry

    So last time we came the children collected all the stamp.
    will we be able to use there cards that are stamped when you reopen after Xmas show

    1. AvatarPennywell Post author

      Hi, apologies for the delay in replying to you. The card should be stamped with a valid until date on the back.

  2. AvatarClair Squire

    Hiya. Can you please give me some details about father Christmas days at pennywell. Vhat happens and do kids get a gift and meet him one on one ?


    1. AvatarPennywell Post author

      Hi Clair
      All the info you need is here:
      The children do get some one to one time with Father Christmas and they all receive a gift. Do let me know if you need any additional information.


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