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11 Feb - 29 Oct 2017

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Perfect Piglets

Pennywell is the home of the world famous Pennywell Miniature Pigs. The miniature pigs or micro pigs have been seen on TV around the world and first shot to fame after a photograph in the Western Morning News by photographer Richard Austin was picked up by a national newspaper. 

Pennywell Miniature Pigs are always at the farm to meet the visitors and the piglets have their own indoor area to enjoy cuddles. Spend as long as you like with them! You can also enjoy seeing the Miniature Pig Racing every afternoon at 2.30pm. 

We think our little piggies are very special and so will you. They really are irresistable! 

Pennywell Farm is the original breeder of miniature pigs which have also become known as teacup pigs, micro pigs, pint sized pigs and pocket pigs here in the UK. 

Primarily our little piggies were bred to be an addition to the farm attraction for visitors to come and cuddle and play with. However it soon became clear that these irresistible little porkers can make wonderful pets.

If you are interested in buying your very own Pennywell Miniature Pig, we have all the information you need here:


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