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Best of Friends . . . and that’s no porky!

There have been some unusual animal friendships over the years at Devon tourist attraction Pennywell Farm but perhaps not one as udderley cute as this.

14 week old Pennywell Miniature Piglet, Mr Sparkles has taken to 12 week old Hereford calf Dainty. Mr Sparkles is one from a litter of six piglets born at the farm but since being weaned, he seems to prefer the company of his bovine friend which is delighting the visitors at Pennywell Farm.


Pennywell’s owner Chris Murray explains, “Mr Sparkles has a cosy pen with his brothers and sisters but is a bit of an escapologist. Every time he goes missing, he can be found with his new friend Dainty”.

While Dainty’s twin brother Dunster shows no interest in the piglet whatsoever, Dainty seems to be very taken with him and they sleep and eat together.

Pennywell Farm has been breeding miniature piglets since 1992.

This story appeared on June 18, 2018

2 thoughts on “Best of Friends . . . and that’s no porky!

  1. Tina Naylot

    Hi there, we are travelling down from Wiltshire on a day trip, Monday 25th June. The reason being it was my Cbristmas Present last year from my 2 children. Could you possibly tell me if you have any little piglets to hold as this is a lifetime dream of mine.


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