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Last chance to have some Pennywell Fun in 2015


What a season it’s been!

As we approach our final week of the 2015 season, I’ve been thinking about the busy time we have had. We opened on 14th February, Valentines Day and it feels as though it was just a couple of weeks ago rather than 8 months.

So much has happened! We’ve welcomed some fantastic new members to the team and we animals have someone new to look after us. She’s called Suzanne and she came to work at Pennywell this summer. She’s already a very good friend of mine.

We enjoyed the busiest Easter ever which was fabulous, followed by huge media attention in May when (you’ve guessed it) the Pennywell Miniature Pigs rose to even greater fame with their party political pig racing. One of them even had his picture on the front page of the Guardian newspaper. I truly thought the world had gone mad.

I had a very special treat in the form of new weekend entertainment. Every weekend there has been something different going on in the theatre or the show field and I’ve made some very special friends. Fusilier and I really liked having Bob and his Spanish gelding Amigo come to visit us. There have been entertainers, animal shows, falconry and music. Poco Drom came to Pennywell and he is planning to write a song all about the Pennywell animals. I hope that I get a mention and it doesn’t end up being all about the Pennywell Miniature Pigs.

Anyway, it has been another amazing season and we have much to be thankful for when we close on 1st Nov. A massive farm makeover will have us ready to see you all again when we open for our Christmas Nativity Plays and visits to Father Christmas on 28th November.

God bless

Boxer x

This story appeared on October 22, 2015

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